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Whole Body Massager

Whole Body Massager

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Struggling with back pain, sciatica and pinched nerves?

Are you are suffering from numbing, stabbing back pain. The result? Back pain dictates your everyday life. Long-term, this can lead to more serious issues like surgery, spinal injection, a reliance on pain killers, irreversible chronic back pain and even paralysis or immobility.
Using the power of Muscular Electrical Stimulation, the Whole Body Massager reverses back pain and restores your lower back health in just 10 minutes a day.

These butterfly looking like massagers makes your pain fly away

Breakthrough Discovery

You’ve probably tried several other back pain products that promise the world and fail to deliver. And, I’m here to tell you it is not your fault that you’re still in pain.
Those other back pain devices usually usually only mask the pain and don’t target the root cause of back pain. This leaves the real problem untreated and makes things much worse. After two years of prototypes and $200,000 spent in laboratory testing, we stumbled upon the breakthrough combination of Scientifically backed electrical stimulation, Laboratory proven frequencies, and also Relieves your backs Pain Pathways.
Targeting all three elements of back pain was the secret sauce that results in the instant relief of chronic back pain.

83% More Effective In Eliminating Pain

This breakthrough pain relief technology causes muscles in the back to reset and remain in a relaxed state. Then the electrical impulses relieve stressed and strained nerves allowing them to heal and recover.
The result is instant relief from chronic back pain, sciatica and headache, and a device 83% more effective than the leading competitor. With consistent use pain pathways fully recover, providing lasting relief from back pain.

Nerve Damage Reversing

When muscles are stressed by constant pain, they develop inflammation causing nerve damage and impacting their ability to heal. When you use the Whole Body Massager, it solves the root of the pain. It stimulates the nerves and muscles for the purpose of strengthening and rehabilitating them. This aids in recovery and can reverse significant damage to the muscles and nerves. This results in long term relief from back pain and muscular soreness.


  • Instantly Eliminates Even Chronic Back Pain, No Harsh Painkillers
  • Your Own In-Home Chiropractor Corrects Postural Imbalances Stress Relieving (Sleep, Feel And Live Better)
  • Restores Lower Back Health
  • Improves Posture
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Last A Lifetime 5,000+ Happy Customers

How To Use

STEP ONE: First Twist the host with the gel patch. Then uncover the transparent film on the gel patch. Attach the instrument to the massage area to start.

STEP TWO: Press the ON/INC button to turn on, the light is always on, press the ON/IN button again to start, the light flashes.

STEP THREE: Press the PROGRAM button to select the desired mode. Adjust to the massage intensity. Continue to press ON/INC to increase the intensity and OFF/DEC to decrease the intensity.

What is included in one set of the massager:

1 X Host
1 X USB Charging Cable (micro USB)
1 X Massage Stick
1 X Instruction

Returns and Warranty Policy
  • Satisfaction Guarantee with Full Refund.
  • 24/7 Email Support.
  • Quality Inspection for Each Order.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • Full Order Tracking.
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