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Stacific | Micro-Glow Facial Enhancement Handset

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $34.95.

Stacific | Micro-Glow Facial Enhancement Handset

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $34.95.

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“I’ve struggled with sleep anxiety for years now and the only solution that worked for me was Bliss. Within minutes of my first time using it, I was relaxed to sleep!”Ruby C. from the USA recommends this to you!

Bliss mimics comforting sleeping movements and sounds to relieve sleep anxiety & soothe you to peaceful slumber.

  • relieve sleep anxiety
  • soothes you to sleep in seconds
  • achieve healthier sleep

Eliminate restless nights & relieve sleep anxiety

Stress & anxiety trigger our bodies to release hormones that help us react quickly to protect ourselves from harm. High levels of these hormones make it hard for our bodies to relax and fall asleep which causes us to lose sleep & panic.

With Bliss’s recreated breathing, heartbeat, and sleeping sounds, it mimics the calming, comforting feeling of cuddling to relax your body and slow down your breathing. The relaxation it provides eases anxiety and soothes you to sleep like a baby.

Nadove Micro-Glow Facial

Fall asleep in seconds

Prolonged unsuccessful efforts of trying to sleep derive from a tense body & unclear mind, making you panic & stress. Bliss puts an end to the struggle of falling asleep with its lulling breathing and 10+ different serene sleeping sounds that relax your tense, anxious body and mind to sleep in an instant.

Stacific | Micro-Glow Facial Enhancement Handset

Promote healthier & deeper sleep

Going to sleep with an eased body, heart, and mind helps your body reach a state of deep, nourishing sleep. By providing the comfort and sense of security of a cuddle buddy, our anxiety relief otter lowers your heartbeat and slows your breathing to help you achieve a more replenishing night of sleep.

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