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Smart Focus Vision Glasses

Smart Focus Vision Glasses

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Experience Unmatched Clarity with SmartFocus – No Prescription Needed!

The hassle of multiple glasses ends now. Dive into a world of unparalleled clarity and convenience with SmartFocus.

Can’t see clearly near or far? Maybe both? Tired of constantly changing your glasses and spending a fortune on different pairs?

We know the struggle! Our eyesight’s getting worse over the years. We cannot change that. Buying a pair of glasses is the only way to fix this.

The problem is that one pair will not last for long! A slight change to our vision requires new glasses! And that can happen every other year!

In the long run, we’re talking about hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent on glasses! Are you doomed to eternity?

Meet SmartFocus. The only pair of glasses you’ll ever need!

Most people suffer from eye strain and fatigue due to the wrong eyeglass prescription. SmartFocus has a breakthrough technology that adjusts to your eyesight. Not the other way around!

These are the world’s first adjustable eyeglasses without a prescription.

You can now have perfectly customized glasses in a matter of minutes. All at an affordable price!

On top of that, SmartFocus has a super flexible and stylish design that suits all faces and noses.

How do these glasses work?

SmartFocus works through a new technology called Dual Lens. This system consists of two thin, wave-shaped “plates”. These slide over each other with a twist of the button on the side of the frame.

It enables you to self-adjust the lens’ power for each eye. This way, you can address the problem of outdated and inaccurate spectacles!

Why is everyone going crazy over SmartFocus?

We were so thrilled with how convenient and comfortable SmartFocus was that we forgot to tell you about the whole list of features!

  1. Polycarbonate Lenses – Forget about glass scratches. These lenses are impact resistant.
  2. Lightweight Design – You’ll barely feel them on your nose. That way, you can wear them all day long.
  3. Easily Cleaned – Remove all types of fingerprints quickly and hassle-free.
  4. Multiple Uses – They can be used at any age. You can also change from distance glasses to reading glasses with just the turn of the handle.
  5. Unisex Style -They are suitable for both men and women and have a beautiful design.
  6. Simple To Use – It’s effortless to regulate them with minor corrections and the option for far or near distance.
  7. Durable Frame – Don’t be afraid to break them. They have a strong frame.
  8. No More Visits To The Optometrist – No more endless replacement of eyeglasses! Adjust your eyesight from -6 to +3 in no time!

Suitable for any activity

How to adjust the focus for each eye

Step 1
Wear your glasses. Get ready to use the knob to adjust the diopter.

Step 2
Cover your left eye with your left hand. Twist the left knob little by little while focusing on the object you want to see clearly.

Step 3
Cover your right eye with your right hand. Twist the right knob little by little while focusing on the object you want to see clearly.

Step 4
Twist the knob back and forth to fine-tune it if necessary.

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