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PulseGuard Pro 4 in 1: respiratory frequency-oxygen saturation-pulse rate - perfusion index accuracy of home pulse oximeter

PulseGuard Pro 4 in 1: respiratory frequency-oxygen saturation-pulse rate – perfusion index accuracy of home pulse oximeter

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Recent research has highlighted the consequences of neglecting oxygen monitoring, particularly in pulse, perfusion index, and respiratory frequency. Failure to monitor these vital signs can lead to undetected respiratory issues, compromised perfusion, and delayed intervention in emergencies. Additionally, individuals suffering from these problems who fail to consistently monitor with high-quality, reliable oximeters may experience even more severe consequences. Regular monitoring of oxygen levels with trustworthy oximeters is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being

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If you fall into any of these categories, chances are you could highly benefit from PulseGuardPro.

1. Chronic Respiratory Condition Patient: A retired individual managing a chronic respiratory condition like COPD or asthma, previously diagnosed with COVID or cardiovascular problems, needs to regularly monitor oxygen levels and respiratory rate to manage their condition and prevent complications.

Example: Our client, Emily, a retired engineer with COPD, uses our finger pulse oximeter daily to monitor her oxygen saturation, which should stay above 90%, her heart rate, which should be between 60-90 BPM, and her respiratory frequency, which should be within her normal range of 12-20 breaths per minute.

2. Fitness Enthusiast or High-Altitude Hiker: Someone who enjoys fitness activities or explores high-altitude environments, 1- heart rate stay within safe ranges during activity.

Example: John, a fitness enthusiast, uses a finger pulse oximeter while running to ensure his oxygen saturation remains above 95%, his heart rate stays within his target range of 120-150 BPM, and his respiratory frequency is normal.

PulseGuard Pro: Home Pulse Oximeter for Accurate Respiratory & Heart Health MonitoringPulseGuard Pro, the ultimate home pulse oximeter offering precise measurements of respiratory frequency, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and heart rate accuracy. This advanced device is designed for home use, providing accurate readings for respiratory health monitoring. With its innovative technology, PulseGuard Pro ensures reliable and consistent results, making it an essential tool for managing your health. Whether you’re tracking oxygen levels for sleep apnea, monitoring heart rate during exercise, or checking respiratory frequency for COPD, PulseGuard Pro delivers unparalleled accuracy and peace of mind

Liam C. Smith, MD, pulmonologist

” I understand the critical importance of reliable oxygen saturation monitoring. After extensive testing on many clients and comparing them to other brands, I confidently recommend the PulseGuard Pro oximeter. Unlike generic alternatives, FingerPulsePro specializes exclusively in finger pulse oximeters, ensuring accuracy and quality. Their commitment to innovation and precision guarantees reliable readings every time, backed by my professional endorsement. And for those seeking advanced functionality, the FingerPulsePro’s premium version offers 4-in-1 capabilities. It includes (SpO2) Oxygen Saturation Measurement Range, (PR) BPM Measurement Range, (PI) Measurement Range, and (RR) Respiratory Frequency monitoring. I usually recommend it because it is the most accurate tool plus it is very easy to use, you wont need my help, so far, only positive feedbacks ”

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