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Pluxy Epil Pro 3.0. Painless epilator

Original price was: $92.95.Current price is: $39.95.

Pluxy Epil Pro 3.0. Painless epilator

Original price was: $92.95.Current price is: $39.95.

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Finally! Enjoy a Lasting Hair-Free and Smooth Face Without Damaging Your Skin

With its 17mm discs, the Pluxy™ Epil Pro 3.0 gets to hair 4x shorter than waxing, plucking it straight from the root and keeping it from growing for up to 4 weeks, ensuring that it grows thinner with each removal.

“I used to work hard to keep my face hair-free and had to tweeze every day or two. Shaving helped, but it left a rough sandpaper feeling on my skin. PLUXY has made a huge difference – my hair growth has slowed down and the hairs that do grow back are finer. In some areas, it hasn’t even grown back. This thing is a miracle worker!!” – Sara Bennett – USA

What Makes Pluxy Perfect for You

  • Fast & Long-Lasting Results

The Pluxy Epil Pro plucks the hair straight from the root, leaving your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks and making sure the hairs grow thinner each time

  • Highly Precise

With its 17mm discs, it removes hair 4x shorter than waxing. No more waiting for hair to grow out in order to have smooth skin again!

  • Antimicrobial Protection

Our Silver Ion Technology protects your skin against harmful bacteria and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

  • No Irritated Skin

The Pluxy patented Glide Technology allows the tweezer discs to glide over your skin without irritating it.

  • More Convenient and Less Painful Than Waxing

The dual-opposed heads hold your skin gently and makes the removal easier and more comfortable.

  • The Perfect Balance
  • The Pluxy ergonomically engineered handle fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy for you to hold and maneuver the epilator.

Our Promise

We know that being a woman with an uncomfortable amount of facial hair can feel like a never ending nightmare.

Constant appointments to wax the hair off, red bumps and spots, ingrown hairs, and the awful period between when the hairs start to grow back and when they’re long enough to wax again, it’s not easy or cheap.

This is where the Pluxy Epil Pro comes in. To make your life easier and your skin happier, with its new technology, it can help you save a ton of money and time. Your facial hair will never be a problem again!







Not All Epilators Are Made the Same

There are a lot of epilators on the market, but unfortunately, a lot of them do not take care of your skin’s health.

They are just as abrasive as razors and hurt just as much as waxing.

Maybe you’ve even used one like that before, and you’re now a little skeptical about buying a new epilator.

But here’s what makes Pluxy Epil Pro so different:

  • Designed specifically for facial hair: The Pluxy Epil Pro 3.0 has 17mm discs that can get to the thinnest and shortest hairs on your face without trouble.
  • Patented Glide Technology: To make it glide over your skin with precision but also gentleness. It allows the epilator to pull away the hair WITHOUT damage to your skin.
  • The Silver Ion Tweezers: To prevent harmful bacteria from getting into your pores when they are most sensitive (which is right after the uprooting of hair). Silver ion is used in the medical industry for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which we prioritise in our epilator.
  • Completely water resistant: Completely water resistant, so you can make your skin smooth like a baby’s even in the shower. The water can help the process be even more painless.
Returns and Warranty Policy
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  • 24/7 Email Support.
  • Quality Inspection for Each Order.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • Full Order Tracking.
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