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PerfectToes - Natural Toe Aligner

PerfectToes – Natural Toe Aligner

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Gently aligns your toes for naturally beautiful feet.

  • Gentle & natural realignment
  • Gentle & natural realignment
  • Proven results: 95% said toes appearance improved

Get Naturally Pretty Feet Today

You were born with perfect feet. When you were a baby, you had naturally aligned toes. And your feet were born beautiful.

But as you aged, your feet were exposed to modern footwear. This caused your toes to compress and curl.

In cultures around the world who remain barefoot, the toes maintain their natural and beautiful shape.

Footwear compresses and curls toes

Restore your Feet to their Natural Beauty

Since the pandemic, we studied over 853 patients with foot disformity. We took all that specific information and asked ourselves: “can we naturally realign the toes without intrusive surgery?”

And the answer is yes. There’s clear evidence that the toes can be naturally realigned.

We found that in over 95% of cases we could naturally improve toe straightness and position.

Toes can be realigned naturally

Gently align your toes and restore natural beauty

Like a rewind button for your feet, PerfectToes reverses years of damage caused by restrictive footwear. It was developed in collaboration with a Podiatrist who has over 17 years experience. It gently restores your toes back to their natural alignment using a clinical spacing technique.

PerfectToes restores natural alignment

Easy to use solution that’s backed by science.

PerfectToes uses scientifically backed Separator Alignment Therapy (SAT). Extensive controlled trials demonstrate the effectiveness of SAT as a treatment for restoring natural toe alignment.

Evidence-based device uses scientifically backed Separator Alignment Therapy

How to use it

PerfectToes is easy to use, safe, and designed for all body types. There’s just three easy steps to immediate results and long-term benefits:

Step 1) Prepare: Start by washing and drying your feet thoroughly to ensure cleanliness. This step is crucial for hygiene and helps the PerfectToes adhere properly to your skin.

Step 2) Apply: Carefully place the PerfectToes device on your toes, ensuring that each toe is comfortably positioned within the designated loops or separators. Adjust the device if necessary to achieve a snug yet comfortable fit.

Step 3) Wear: Once properly positioned, wear the PerfectToes device for the recommended duration, typically starting with shorter intervals and gradually increasing as your feet adjust. You can wear it while going about your daily activities or during relaxation time.

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