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MigPulse Massager

MigPulse Massager

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What is it?

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is a special type of therapy that sends steady electric impulses to the muscle in order to relieve nerves tension, increase blood circulation, and strengthen weak nerves.

The doctor explained me that migraine pain is almost always caused by stiffness and tension of the nerves in your brain.

(She told me what they are called but I forgot, my Latin is too rusty)

These brain nerves are very difficult to reach with stretches, massages, and even acupuncture – but electric impulses can easily get to them.

And once they do, they instantly relax the nerves and relieve the pain. In other words it gently stimulates specific nerves in your brain, helping them calm down naturally.

The doctor insisted that I should try NMES therapy and stop taking those harmful addictive drugs.

And God knows I was desperate enough to try ANYTHING to get relief from migraine & headaches.

I didn’t even wait to get home; I started Googling in the supermarket.

I wanted to find a clinic that does NMES therapy nearby and schedule ASAP.

But instead, I found something even better.

I Accidentally Discovered a Tiny Device That Gave Me Instant Relief From Migraine & Put An End to My Agony Once and For All

While looking for a clinic that offers NMES therapy, I stumbled upon an at-home massager that apparently used the exact same technology from an ad on facebook.

It’s called MigPulse – NMES Massager.

It had thousands of reviews from people who claimed that it had helped them relieve migraines – and even cluster headaches, an extreme form of migraine

Plus, it was only $50, so it was worth trying.

I bought it on the spot and it arrived at my doorstep a couple of days later.

See, I’m an optimist by nature, so I kinda believed that it was going to work.

But never in my wildest dreams did I expect that it would work so quickly.

The first time I tried The MigPulse – NMES Massager, I was absolutely blown away. I had a mild migraine at the time, which meant some burning and discomfort on my right-side forehead (my “usual spot”).

I put one on the back of my neck, one on each side, and one on the top of my back and turn them on.

It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Within a minute, I enjoyed quick relief from the discomfort.

After about 5 minutes, I noticed a massive difference. My bad aura went away, and the migraine had completely disappeared.

And by the end of the process – I felt like I’d had the best massage of my life.

I stood up and realized that there was no migraine whatsoever.

I started moving around, expecting the pain to kick in at any moment.

But to my surprise, it didn’t.

Even more exciting: This effect lasted the entire rest of my day.

Look, I’ve had THOUSANDS of migraines. I know exactly how mine works. And this one should have gotten worse by that afternoon…

But this time, my migraine didn’t get worse. In fact, it actuallystopped. Instead of struggling all day and deep into the night, I had a normal day and slept like a baby.

I was so overwhelmed, that I broke out in tears.

But this time, these were not tears of pain.

I was crying tears of relief.

7 Years of Excruciating Migraine Were Erased in One Sitting

I haven’t seen my doctor in over a year now.

Every time I feel even the slightest migraine, I attach MigPulse to the back of my neck, one on each side, and one on the top of my back, and turn them on and it stops the migraine dead in its tracks.

I know it sounds like a stretch, but this tiny device literally saved my life.

I can exercise again and I’ve already lost 22 pounds.

I’m thriving at work (and even got a promotion recently).

Can sleep peacefully without any sleeping pill and pain killers.

Can spend time with my family.

And I feel like the best days of my life are ahead of me.

Here’s How It Works

MigPulse uses Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) technology to relieve brain nerves tension, increase blood circulation, and strengthen weakened nerves.

Just like the name suggests, you can attach it to neck, shoulder and top back – and let NMES technology erase migraine.

Its steady electric impulses penetrate deep into your body, relaxing the tense nerves that cause migraines and headaches, providing immediate relief.

Plus, it comes with a variety of different modes and a mind-bending number of speed settings, allowing you to adjust it to your comfort level.

A Whopping 98% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

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Reviews (79)

79 reviews for MigPulse Massager

  1. V***t (Verified buyer)

    Tie has a very good performance and that ideal to feel relaxed muscular

    MigPulse Massager
  2. M***s (Verified buyer)

    Very fast delivery and very good product. But strong the massage RS

    MigPulse Massager
  3. N***n (Verified buyer)

    Package arrived intact and without any defect. Complete with everything. Arrived early. Thank you so much

    MigPulse Massager
  4. A***o (Verified buyer)

    Comes very well packaged, works perfectly has several massage functions, it is very comforting. We saw very soon.

    MigPulse Massager
  5. C***i (Verified buyer)

    It was good to see how it works since I bought with another supplier and did not redye the load

    MigPulse Massager
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