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Experience GlowRide’s LED Innovation

Car LED lovers used to go to a mechanic, spend around $900, and still end up with subpar LED lights in their cars. That’s where GlowRide comes into play. We offer high-quality LED lights that anyone can install themselves.

We also provide top-notch customer support to help you set up your lights. With GlowRide, anyone can transform their ride with colors that sync with their mood. It’s more than just lighting; it’s an experience every time you are on the go.

Compatible With Every Car!

The GlowRide Lights are designed to ensure compatibility with any vehicle. Each package includes a USB to cigarette lighter and USB type C adapter, making it easy to power up your lights in any car setup.

For vehicles without natural spaces to tuck in our lights, we’ve got you covered with our strong double-sided adhesive tape. If you choose our full pack bundle, you can enjoy the added convenience of a USB hub with 3 ports, perfect for powering multiple wires. Transform your ride with ease, no matter the make, year or model!

Control The Vibe, Control the Night

Imagine changing up your car’s vibe with just a tap. Your GlowRide Car LED Light comes with both an app and a remote for easy control, offering the ability to adjust your lights’ brightness and choose from 16 million colors and animations. Sync the lights to bump with the beat of your favorite music. Whether you’re cruising downtown, on a date night, or hitting the road for a trip, these lights make every ride a unique experience.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Installing your GlowRide Car LED Light is super easy! Just follow these three steps:

1. Pick Your Spot: Think about where you want that cool glow in your car.

2. Set It Up: Use the scraper included in your order to tuck the lights into gaps in your car. Or, if you prefer, use the adhesive strip to stick them to a specific spot. Tip: Turn your AC on hot for a bit before applying the adhesive. Then apply them right away after unwrapping the plastic for a super strong hold!

3. Go Live: Connect to your car’s cigarette lighter using the adapter included in your package, or to its USB port. Then install the app using the QR code included in your package, and you’re all set to light up your ride!

Tip: If any piece of wire is peeking out, you can hide it in your car’s gaps or rubber accordion boot (side of your car) to keep the installation neat. Alternatively, consider plugging them into a power bank and hiding it in your door’s compartment.

With these simple steps, you’ll have your car glowing in no time!

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