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Fresh Paws Mud Mat

Fresh Paws Mud Mat

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The Fresh Paws Mud Mat is Like a Magic Carpet for Mud

Walking in the park on a rainy day can turn your shoes and your pet’s paws all muddy. But with the Fresh Paws Mud Mat at your door, that mud won’t make it into your house. This mat can soak up a lot more water and dirt than a regular doormat – 5x more, actually!

No more muddy paw prints on your floors means your home stays cleaner. The secret is in the microfiber chenille, which grabs and holds onto the mud and water. So you won’t have to mop up messes after your dog’s outdoor play. Instead, you can enjoy their company in a clean, cozy home.

How to Use

1. Choose the Right Spot
Place your Fresh Paws Mud Mat at any doorways used by your pets, especially front and back doors to catch outdoor dirt.

2. Introduce to Pets
Encourage your pets to walk over the mat when they enter the house to help capture dirt and moisture from their paws.

3. Washing Your Mat
Depending on how frequently the mat gets dirty, wash it every 1-3 weeks in your washing machine for optimal cleanliness and durability. Shake off any loose dirt from the mat outside before washing.

What’s Included

When you choose the Fresh Paws Mud Mat, you’re not just getting a mat; you’re investing in a cleaner, more inviting home for you and your pets. Each package includes the selected amount of Fresh Paws Mud Mat.

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