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Even Breeze - Air Humidifier

Even Breeze – Air Humidifier

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Forget About Dry Home Air And Save Money With This Mini Humidifier!

This tiny device significantly improved my home air without digging into my savings! It’s a perfect option for anyone looking for an affordable yet compact humidifier.

All my life, I lived by the seaside. Now that I had moved inland, I noticed my skin and hair getting unbearably dry. A humidifier was the best option, but between limited space in my flat and current device prices, it seemed like there was no solution.

I couldn’t afford a large humidifier machine. Sure, they may be highly effective at moisturizing the air of a large area, but they are very expensive and take up space that, living in a one-bedroom city rental, I simply don’t have. Surely, there had to be a better option!

And there was! Casual scrolling through the online market paid off, as I found a device that ticked off all the boxes. Small, so I didn’t need to make space for it. Effectively humidifying, so my troubles with dry air were due to be over. And it was USB-powered, so I could place it anywhere, even in my car, if I wanted!

The device is called EvenBreeze, and it’s a must-have for anyone wanting to save space and money!

Why EvenBreeze is a bargain too good to miss

Dry air doesn’t just feel unpleasant. It can have negative effects on your skin, hair, and respiratory system. Even for people who are used to less humid environment, dry home air can cause itchiness and flakiness of skin, make hair more prone to breaking and developing split ends, irritate nasal passages to the point of nosebleeds, and cause eye pain or discomfort.

Pleasantly humid air coats the nasal passages making it more difficult for pollen, dust, or other allergens to get to your lungs. So, if the air is dry, people with allergies or asthma can get more prone to fits.

That’s why, when I felt that the air in my flat was too dry, I immediately began to look for a humidifier.

EvenBreeze met all three of my main requirements:

  1. It effectively humidified every area I placed it in, and I could freely move it around. With two humidification settings, I never felt like I needed any additional methods to feel comfortable.
  2. It didn’t take much space, so I could take it from the living room to the bedroom and even to work. Wherever I needed to relieve symptoms caused by dry air, I just plopped EvenBreeze, and the problem went away.
  3. It saved me a lot of money that I would’ve spent on a bulky humidifier machine. Out of all the options I’ve seen, EvenBreeze offered the best price-quality ratio.

For anyone tired of the same old overpriced options, EvenBreeze is a breath of fresh air.

Small device, but so many handy features!

  • Two humidification modes

You can choose constant mist release or intermittent, based on how much humidity you want sprayed into the air.

  • Powerful spray

Not only will you be able to see droplets get released into the air, you are certain to feel it too.

  • Continuous operation

In 5 hours, EvenBreeze will eject the entirety of its water tank into the air around you.

  • 220 ml water tank

That’s the equivalent of a small bottle of water turned into a fine mist. More than enough for anyone’s personal space!

  • Compact size

EvenBreeze is the size of a regular bottle, so it could even fit in any cup holder!

  • Silent operation

All that you might hear while using this humidifier is a gentle breeze – barely audible if you’re busy or while sleeping.

  • Mood light

To make the use of this device even more magical, EvenBreeze offers a changing mood light to add ambience while you’re receiving a refreshing mist.

  • Simple to use

Just one button operation! No more settings that seem pulled out of an alien spaceship. Humidification doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • USB charging

EvenBreeze is powered by a USB cord, meaning that you can plug it into a power bank, laptop, PC, or even carport to use it.

  • Excellent value for money

Given how many features it offers and its price, EvenBreeze is a total bargain of the year!

While other devices can only offer complicated controls, EvenBreeze is super easy to use!

My friend has a huge humidifier, and it has more settings than a TV remote. That’s definitely not right! Who has time to read an instruction manual the size of a novel? Luckily, EvenBreeze is beyond simple to operate.

I just poured regular water into the tank (in the summer, I opt for cold water to make the mist more refreshing), screwed the lid back on, plugged the device into a power bank, and that’s it!

EvenBreeze didn’t use much power. I still had four out of five bars on my power bank left, even after 5 hours of continuous operation. Show me another humidifier that would save electricity!

EvenBreeze has only one button. Pressing once turns it on and changes the humidification mode, and long-pressing it turns on/off the mood light. Talk about being user-friendly!

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