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Endorma - Silverthread Bath Towel

Endorma – Silverthread Bath Towel

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Silverthread Bath Towel

Traditional Bath Towels: Breeding Grounds for Mildew & Odors?

Most towels are made of cheap cotton or synthetic blends that are virtually impossible to dry out completely. Since these fabrics retain so much moisture, they can harbor mildew, bacterial odors, and other nasty particles.

So, every time you dry off with a damp towel, you’re not only making yourself instantly dirty again, you may actually be rubbing mildew & odor-causing bacteria onto your skin.

According to Chuck Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, drying-off with a dirty towel can be risky.1

Silverthread Bath Towel

Ordinary Bath Towels Don’t Stay Clean…But What Can Be Done?

In most bathrooms, the towel-drying bar is located about 7′ away from the nastiest thing in the house: the toilet. We all assume this is okay… but in a 2013 study, scientists proved that the particles in toilets spray all around the room (a phenomenon known as “toilet plume”).2

What can be done? You can do what experts recommend by washing or replacing your towels every 3 days, but who has the time or energy for that? You could stop hanging up towels in the bathroom altogether, but walking to the linen closet with wet feet creates a real slipping hazard.

But what if there was a smart, easy solution to help keep bath towels clean, dry, and fresh-smelling without sacrificing comfort and quality?

Stop Using Damp, Dirty Towels And Switch To This Innovative New Solution

  • Silver Ions Help Resist Odors & Mildew
  • Quick-Drying, Super Absorbent
  • 100% CA-Grown Pima Cotton
  • Stays Clean & Fresh-Smelling
  • Luxurious European Waffle-Weave
  • Less Washing Than Regular Towels

Endorma Silverthread Towels are a luxury bathroom breakthrough that offers a clean, dry, fresh-smelling way to dry-off after each and every shower.

Forget about exposing yourself to mildew and musty odors after showering: Silverthread Towels are infused with Silver Ions — shown in scientific studies to help fabrics resist mildew and bacterial odors.3

Silverthread’s 100% CA-Grown Pima Cotton is woven into a unique waffle-weave texture, which dries your body faster than conventional towels and allows for complete moisture evaporation, so towels air-dry in minutes.

Thousands of Americans are moving away from traditional towels to Endorma’s cleaner, fresher, and more luxurious innovation.

But fair warning: the word about Silverthread Towels is spreading like wildfire and most customers are buying in bundles to claim their free hand towels (up to 4 FREE).

We strongly suggest ordering now and claiming up to 4 FREE hand towels, before inventory runs low or supplies completely sell out again. (Available in both White and Grey Color, but check the next page for inventory as one color could be sold out already!)

Silverthread Bath Towel

How Do Silverthread Towels Stay Fresher For Longer?

Silver has been used for centuries to help keep wounds clean, and surgeons still use it to this day. In an extraordinary recent breakthrough, scientists discovered a way to infuse silver ions into fabrics — helping the fabric naturally resist mildew and bacterial odors.2

To create Silverthread Towels, we infused these innovative silver ions into ultra-soft, 100% California-grown Pima cotton. The silver ions are “activated” whenever any excess moisture exists in the fabric, leaving the towels clean and fresh-smelling.

So, the Silver Ion infusion is how Endorma Silverthread Towels stay fresher than regular towels!

They’re also why Silverthread Towels can be washed less frequently than conventional towels – yet still look, smell, and feel cleaner.

Silverthread Bath Towel

They Feel Softer, Look More Elegant, & Last Longer Than Store-Bought Towels

100% of the fabric in every Silverthread Towels is made from California-grown Pima Cotton. American grown Pima cotton is quite possibly the highest-quality cotton in the world. Its staple fibers can be up to 30-50% longer than Egyptian cotton… producing softer, more durable fabrics that are more resistant to “pilling.”

Silverthread’s luxurious, European-style waffle pattern features two types of weaves — each with a different function. The smooth loose-weave makes each towel strong and long-lasting; the open-weave accounts for its moisture-wicking and rapid-evaporation properties.

This unique texture is why Silverthread is more lightweight than ordinary towels, yet absorbs more moisture and air-dries more completely. You’ll literally fell it drying and warming your body. In-between showers, touch your Silverthread Towel with dry hands and you’ll notice no lingering dampness or odor!

Silverthread Bath Towel

Here’s What Satisfied Silverthread Customers Had To Say:

Don’t take it from us:

“I truly appreciate the quality of the Endorma towels, look and feel amazing and I’m dry in seconds , love it !!!!” – Valerie B.

“Best towels ever! Never felt dryer quicker fresh out of the shower. Live in a very humid climate, and no damp smelly towels anymore! In fact, I threw away all my other towels!”- Raymond S.

“I love my silver head towels they really absolutely are so soft and absorb the water love the waffle. Texture I will be buying more very customer and l love the size nice and big” – Branda L.

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