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NeckSupport™ - Never snore again

NeckSupport™ – Never snore again

(79 customer reviews)
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Whether you’re struggling with snoring issues or sleep apnea, our NeckSupport is your answer to a peaceful and tranquil night.

With an ergonomic design that conforms to the contours of your neck, this advanced support ensures optimal alignment of the cervical spine during sleep.

Realigning the cervical spine prevents the narrowing of the throat, allowing air to pass easily and preventing throat vibrations and breathing problems.

By keeping the neck in its natural position, the airway remains open. This prevents throat vibrations and breathing issues.

Get your good night’s sleep back!

With the Vitavix NeckSupport, a good night’s sleep becomes a natural part of your life again. You’ll notice waking up in the morning with renewed energy and a sense of refreshment that you’ve long missed.

The restful sleep that once seemed elusive returns as a familiar companion, with each sleep cycle becoming an oasis of tranquility. Leave behind worries about snoring and sleep apnea as you envelop yourself in the support and comfort of the NeckSupport.

Prepare for nights filled with uninterrupted rest, where your body rejuvenates and your mind renews itself, ready to embrace each new day with vitality.

Why Vitavix NeckSupport is a better choice compared to CPAP, mouthguards, or nasal devices?

Compared to CPAP devices, night guards, and nasal devices, the Vitavix NeckSupport offers a natural and comfortable solution for preventing snoring and sleep apnea.

Unlike CPAP devices, which are often noisy, bulky, and uncomfortable, our NeckSupport is compact, silent, and easy to use, without the need for electricity or hoses.

Night guards can cause discomfort and damage to the teeth, while nasal devices are often uncomfortable to wear and can interfere with natural breathing.

With the Vitavix NeckSupport, you choose a natural, comfortable, and effective approach to a restful night’s sleep.

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Reviews (79)

79 reviews for NeckSupport™ – Never snore again

  1. V***t (Verified buyer)

    I would like to start off by saying that I have tried multiple cervical collars through Amazon, and this one by far is the most comfortable. This product is very soft, the material is almost like a memory foam or a plush item, but a bit more form to provide you with the support you might need. Its’ very comfortable, while I do not recommend doing so, I have actually fallen asleep with this item on, that’s how pleasant my experience has been with this item. I have found that it has been very supportive of my neck and serves it’s purpose. I like this item over the others that I have tried because the supportive piece in the front that was soft and did not feel as though it were choking me or made me uncomfortable as I was both still and mobile. I was roomy yet securing. It comes with this nice sleeve that assists with temperature control so that you are not too hot if you were it for long periods of time. It also keeps you warm if you are in cooler environments. One of the ratings on here included “pain relief”; I cannot say whether or not it will provide pain relief, as we all experience pain differently. Furthermore, what I can attest to, is that it provides stress relief and alleviates the pressure on my neck that I experience. It was very useful in providing support and stability as I experience weakness in my neck. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), I rate this product an 8.5.

    NeckSupport™ - Never snore again
  2. M***s (Verified buyer)

    Glad I found this neck stabilizer. It’s been amazing for keeping me in good posture when I’m driving long hours for work. I’ve been dealing with pain in my trap and neck area for some time and this has provided some relief. This brace is very firm and seems to be one that will hold up for years. I’ve slept with this brace on. I won’t lie, it was slightly uncomfortable but I believe it’s just because I’m not use to having something around my neck when sleeping. All in all I believe this brace is the sole reason my pain is beginning to subside.

    NeckSupport™ - Never snore again
  3. N***n (Verified buyer)

    I had cervical fusion surgery twice in four months. The first time the doctor gave me a neck brace. It was so hard that it gave me serious headaches. So, when I had to get the second surgery, I asked if I could provide my own neck brace. He said, Yes, so I started my search on Amazon. I selected the Blabok Soft Foam Cervical Collar for neck pain and support. It is SO comfortable. NO headaches. I slept soundly and woke up without a stiff, sore neck! I included two pictures to show the long velcro strip and if you need a large neck brace, this one should fit most needs. I have an extra large head and neck. Also, in the front of the brace is a firm piece (likely padded plastic) that keeps your chin from sagging down into the brace. That firm piece is tapered around to the ears on both sides, so it will not let your neck bend too far sideways. I am very happy and am recommending this neck brace.

    NeckSupport™ - Never snore again
  4. A***o (Verified buyer)

    This was exactly what I was looking for. I work from home and look at the monitors all day I always have neck and back pains. I have been looking for the perfect neck brace, I went through so many but couldn’t find the right one. This neck brace deserves more than a 5 start, it allow my head to be in a more natural position to support my neck and spine. It is comfortable, washable the strap can be adjusted. I ordered a female medium I have a small neck a small would fit me better but I was able to adjust the brace with the strap. of went with a small. I haven’t had any pain every since I started wearing the neck brace.

    NeckSupport™ - Never snore again
  5. C***i (Verified buyer)

    For me at 69, female and having had an exciting life I also inherited some spine disorders from my mother, brought on some problems perhaps as a result from youthful lapses in judgement, motor cycles, Pogo dancing, career choices like teaching areobics @ 12 hrs days,6 day weeks in ballet slippers on carpet covered cement floors, new career which called for business travel sleeping on planes priorcto 10 hr business meetings, contracting Mennengitis while being treated for another issue requiring IV dosages of corticosteroids in my30 & 40s. Its a wonder Im still typing. So how can I advise someone with a crick in their neck or with something far worse that what I currently am dealing with which neck brace us good?? I like this one bc it’s soft and has a washable cover. I use it when I’m in pain and cannot comfortably engage my arms for some tasks. it helps relieve the stress in C 5-7 for as long as I need until I can use my arms again.

    NeckSupport™ - Never snore again
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