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CastEase Pro

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $29.99.

CastEase Pro

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $29.99.

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This casting aid for the fisherman using a spinning reel is the quickest way for someone to improve his or her accuracy and distance.

  • Fits a wide range of fixed spool reels.
  • Increases Casting Distance.
  • Prevents damage to index finger while using braided line.
  • Improves overall casting form for better fishing performance.
  • Allows you to cast with drag set in fishing position.
  • A must have if casting more than 3oz with a spinning reel.
  • Voted best product of the decade!


This thing helped me get a consistent 120 yard cast on my 11 foot surf rod. My main problem before is that my finger cannot hold the weight during the cast. Sometimes my finger would just give or slip and the sinker would fly in a bad direction. Very dangerous specially if there are other people close by. This thing solves that problem. My finger doesn’t have to hold the weight anymore while casting. Just grip and release.

Get that edge as you know you can cast your furthest

The cast cannon is ideal for fishing with heavy baits and lures to aim for that monster fish. Deeper water tends to have bigger fish.

It is also perfect to use with rods for crabbing. Crab snares tend to be bulky and full of weight and bait. This will make it much easier to cast that you’ll be wanting to cast over and over. Especially when you’re pulling in keepers!

Easily cast your bait or lure safer and further than before!

Have you ever casted heavy baits from the pier or beach? How did your finger feel? Were you able to get your bait far enough?

We want to make it easier for you and keep it simple. Loop it up on the cast cannon and grasp the trigger with your finger as you would on a normal cast. Fling and release the trigger as you would release the line on a normal cast. It is really just that simple.

Wrap it around the barrel a couple more times if using heavier weights and lure.

Avoid the injury and pain

Every angler should have experienced tight lines on your finger at one point or another. The heavier the bait, the more pressure it places on your finger. Which in turn, causes some people to release their line too soon, resulting in an inaccurate and shorter cast.

Included is our Original design CastEase Pro strap

Us fishermen are always upgrading and getting more fishing rods. Our design makes it easier to remove the casting aid from one rod to another without the hassle. Just unstrap, rinse the adhesive, dry and it is ready to use again. We also included a spare set in case you run into any issues.

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