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CarryingWishes Jellyfish Lamp

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $34.99.

CarryingWishes Jellyfish Lamp

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $34.99.

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  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Stress-Relieve
  • Eye protection
  • RGB lights

Don’t Be Scare at Night Anymore!

The Jellyfish Lamp’s soft, soothing glow creates a calming atmosphere that can help ease your fear. Plus, the gentle, lifelike movements of the jellyfish provide a reassuring visual distraction, making you feel safe and comfortable in the darkness.

The ultra-silent Jellyfish Lamp.

Our jellyfish lamp is equipped with an ultra-silent water pump, allowing you to relax at work or during sleep, enabling you to enjoy the peaceful and soothing atmosphere of deep waters. The soft, realistic movements of the jellyfish provide visual enjoyment, aiding in stress and anxiety reduction. This lamp is perfect for decorating your home, office, or any space where relaxation is needed.

The Jellyfish Tank Pack Includes:

  • 1 Jellyfish tank with ultra-silent propelling motor
  • 1 Round anti-spill lid
  • 1 Jellyfish tank cover
  • 2 Special Realistic Silicone Jellyfish
  • 1 power cable

Operation of the Jellyfish Tank:

The jellyfish are made of a special silicone with a density equivalent to water, so they will neither float on the surface nor sink. To ensure they move correctly, follow these steps:

Jellyfish Tank Dimensions:

Our jellyfish tank is of ample size, allowing for easy observation of the jellyfish.

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