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BuzzHawk Electric Mosquito Trap

BuzzHawk Electric Mosquito Trap

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Kill Mosquitoes From Any Environment In MINUTES

  • Chemical Free (100% safe for pets & kids)
  • Extremely Powerful
  • Portable, Lightweight & Waterproof
  • Integrated Flashlight & Camping Light.

Introducing BuzzHawk The Next-Gen Mosquito Zapper

Are pesky mosquitoes making it hard to relax outdoors?

Or are mosquitoes eating you alive while you sleep?

Meet the BuzzHawk – the perfect anti-mosquito solution that attracts and kills mosquitoes like nothing else on the market.

We use a special type of UV light with a specific wavelength that attracts and zaps mosquitoes, so you can enjoy an insect-free environment. And the portable design makes it perfect for camping, fishing, outdoor meals, barbecues and more.

Over 32,000+ bitten free customers swear by BuzzHawk and are enjoying the summer without worrying about getting bitten. Will you be joining them soon?

Keep Mosquitoes and Bugs at Bay

These unique features make BuzzHawk the most innovative anti-mosquito solution of the century.

Patented FlashBeam Tech

Safe Around Kids and Pets

Portable And Rechargeable

Integrated Flashlight

Meet BuzzHawk

Get rid of mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles and more!

We reverse engineered common mosquito-killing devices, and discovered something they were all missing.

Most use a scattergun approach to killing mosquitoes, emitting a broad spectrum of light in the hope it attracts them.

And after years of research, we pinpointed the exact frequency of UV light that attracts bugs like magnets.

The result is our patented FlashBeam Technology: an invention that kills pesky bugs and mosquitoes like nothing else on the market.

So you can finally enjoy the outdoors again.

Portable and Rechargeable

Thanks to the rechargeable, long-lasting battery, BuzzHawk can last up to 24 hours once fully charged. Simply use the included USB cable, or use a computer or mobile charger.

Safe for kids and pets

Our technology doesn’t require any chemicals – making it safe to use even around kids & pets. We zap bugs with a voltage that’s harmless to humans or pets, but still strong enough to kill small bugs.

BuzzHawk is a safer alternative to toxic sprays, or smelly anti-bug candles.

Features of BuzzHawk

BuzzHawk zeroes in on mosquitoes with its ultra-precise 360° UV wavelength. The low-voltage mesh that zaps them instantly.

  • Unique UV Light FrequencyThe safe blue light of 365nm wavelength attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths & more.
  • Low Voltage CoreWhen bugs reach the core of Mozz Guard, they are instantly zapped – without sound or smell.
  • Hassle-Free CleaningRemoving the dead insects is easy and mess-free.
  • Safe for Kids and PetsMozz Guard’s electric coil is unable to be penetrated by paws or fingers
  • WeatherproofMozz Guard can sustain extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and intense heat.
  • PortableMozz Guard is standable or hangable.

How Does BuzzHawk Work?


The unique UV light frequency attracts mosquitoes and other pesky insects.


A metal mesh kills the bugs with a low voltage charge.


The easy collection tray allows emptying without a mess.

Returns and Warranty Policy
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  • 24/7 Email Support.
  • Quality Inspection for Each Order.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • Full Order Tracking.
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