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Breezlet Anti-vaping Necklace

Original price was: $53.98.Current price is: $17.95.

Breezlet Anti-vaping Necklace

Original price was: $53.98.Current price is: $17.95.

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Keep Your Mind, Hands and Body Occupied and Finally Quite Vaping Forever

You’ve grappled with cold turkey.
Told yourself it’s the last time.
Maybe even gone to extremes and felt ashamed.

You might have given up for a week, but then, once again, you’re drowning amid a full-blown relapse.

You go back to chain vaping…
Back to puffing money down the drain…
And you realize this is an addiction you cannot control.

It has to be dangerous by this point, right?

Day in and day out, filling your lungs with cryptic chemicals synthesized in a factory somewhere in China.

Going through an elf bar a day, knowing just how ridiculous it is.

Struggling to afford new clothes or do cool things because you’re throwing upwards of $70 a week at vapes.

This can’t go on forever.

Nicotine addiction is part of your problem.

But the main reason why you can’t stop?

You’re addicted to the mechanics of vaping.

The oral fixation of smoking.

And this is exactly why we created The Breezlet.

A handheld device that replaces vape oil with…(drumroll please)…


Yep. Just clean air.

The first product to address the oral fixation of smoking.

The only product that actually mimics the mechanics of vaping.

And the number one product for taking people from uncontrollable addiction…

To vape-free forever.

If you’ve truly had enough and want to end your losing battle with vaping…

Then get yours now and become vape-free today.

This gold-plated jewelry mimics the elegance of real gold, ideal for fashion use. Note: It’s not real gold, but a high-quality plating for style.

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