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Achieve the body and legs you’ve always wanted with the BODYFEET Aligners Kit. Our patented treatment utilizes gentle pressure on the toes to encourage the body to shift weight towards the ball of the feet, improving posture and naturally aligning the body and legs without surgery. Experience the benefits of a fit and healthy body after using our proven kit.

INVISIBLE POSTURE CARE – The BODYFEET kit helps correct foot alignment and posture issues by balancing pressure on the feet during walking. The plantaris muscles, which support the body, are stimulated and posture is naturally corrected. By using the two different levels in the kit, you can expect to see results within four months.

BODY SHAPING AND SLIMMING – Wearing the BODYFEET kit increases energy metabolism by activating intrinsic muscles, leading to a reduction in body fat mass and a shaping effect on the body. This effect is amplified when you use the Level 2 Kit during Yoga or gym workouts.

ALLEVIATE?LOWER BACK, HIPS, AND KNEES PAIN – The BODYFEET kit helps stabilize the center of gravity in your body and reduces pressure on the hips and lower back, relieving fatigue in the legs. The treatment process promotes correct posture and restores pelvic alignment.

Wearing the BODYFEET Aligners Kit helps improve balance by stimulating the toes and shifting the center of gravity to the ball of the feet. Over time, this helps correct posture and achieve a good body posture.

The pressure of your toes being pressed forward can lead to hammertoes (when the toe becomes bent downward or inward permanently), bunions (a swollen, bony bump that forms on the side of the big toe). If you already have them it gets worse. If you don’t have them, they can develop, especially if you have a genetic component. BODYFEET Aligners Kit helps prevent and correct these foot problems.

Pain in the hip, knee, and lower back can often be caused by misalignment in the legs, specifically when the legs are either bow-legged (varus deformity) or knock-kneed (valgus deformity). When the legs are not aligned properly at the hips, knees, and ankles, there is an abnormal distribution of force across the knee, which can lead to pain, cosmetic deformity, and premature knee arthritis. It is important to address these misalignments in order to reduce the risk of these negative consequences.

Surgical correction can be an effective treatment option for leg deformities, but it can also carry the risk of complications. Alternatively, BODYFEET Aligners Kit offers a non-invasive option for realigning the legs, helping to reduce pain, improve appearance, and promote healthy knees. By using this kit, you can continue to engage in your favorite physical activities without the hindrance of discomfort or deformity. We hope to see you walking, running, and participating in a range of physical activities with greater ease and enjoyment.

Getting Fit And Toned

The BODYFEET Aligners Kit can be a powerful aid in achieving your desired body shape and improved posture. It is particularly effective at correcting anterior pelvic tilt, which can cause discomfort and affect overall body alignment. By using the kit, you can improve your foot balance and gait, helping your pelvis return to a natural, pain-free position. Whether you want to enhance your appearance or simply feel better in your own body, the BODYFEET Aligners Kit can be a valuable resource.

The BODYFEET Aligners Kit can help improve energy metabolism by increasing muscle activity in the hips, thighs, and calves. As your body posture improves and your foot structure is corrected, underutilized muscles are activated, and the inner muscles are trained, leading to improved exercise efficiency. The kit also helps stimulate fat metabolism through the increased muscle movement it promotes, resulting in decreased body fat mass and a shaping effect on the body. By wearing the kit, you can benefit from a range of positive physical changes.

Losing a small amount of height as you age is a normal part of the aging process. This is often due to the flattening of the discs between the vertebrae in the spine, the loss of muscle mass, and the narrowing of the spaces between joints. However, significant height loss can be a sign of osteoporosis, according to rheumatologists.

A lot of people are under the misconception that losing height is normal, Dr. Abelson says. Certainly losing a half-inch or three-quarters of an inch may be normal, but I’ve seen patients who say they’ve lost two, three, or four inches in height, and they thought that was a natural consequence of aging. But it’s not.

How To Use BODYFEET Kit And The Differences Between Level 1 And 2

You can learn more about the treatment and how to use Level 1 and Level 2 Kit from our BODYFEET Treatment Page

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