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Aurora - Healthy & non-slip barefoot shoes (Unisex)

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $64.95.

Aurora – Healthy & non-slip barefoot shoes (Unisex)

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $64.95.

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  • Relieves pressure on feet and joints
  • Developed with orthopedists

Size Guide:

Ditch those stiff and immovable shoes!

Tired of spending hundreds on uncomfortable shoes that leave you in pain?

Chances are, the shoes you’re wearing are too stiff and thick.

This weakens our foot muscles and changes the way we walk, causing foot pain in the process.

Walking barefoot fixes the root cause of our foot pain by helping us walk naturally.

On top of that, the shoes’ lightweight and flexible soles help strengthen our foot muscles.

This keeps our feet in the right position while walking, which realigns our entire body and relieves pain in our knees, hips, and lower back.

Stop cramming your toes!

Regular shoes cram our toes together.

This causes major problems like bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet, just to name a few.

With RestFeet Shoes’ extra wide toe box, you’re finally giving your toes the space to spread naturally.

Say goodbye to rubbing, irritation, and discomfort.

You can finally walk for hours without soreness and pain!

Recommended by Orthopedists

Our shoes are expertly crafted for work, and outdoor adventures, ensuring unmatched comfort and support.

Recommended by orthopedic and podiatry specialists for their ergonomic design, they are perfect for improving foot health and reducing pain.

Step with confidence knowing you’re in good hands – both for your adventures and for your foot health.

Optimal Comfort – All Day Long

  • Breathable Material – Let your feet breathe and relieve your joints. This is crucial in reducing irritation and discomfort associated with conditions like neuropathy and arthritis.
  • Natural Gait – Barefoot shoes promote a natural walking style and strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs while preventing body aches. This benefits plantar fasciitis sufferers by reducing foot aches and promoting healing.
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation – The direct contact of feet with the ground in barefoot shoes enhances blood circulation in the feet and legs. This not only contributes to overall healthier circulation and helps in reducing fatigue, but it’s also crucial for managing neuropathy symptoms.
  • Wide Toe Box – The wide toe box combined with the flexibility of barefoot shoes allows the toes to move and spread freely, promoting foot strength and flexibility.
  • Multi-Functional – The lightweight and breathable nature of RestFeet barefoot shoes make them an ideal choice for daily wear, providing comfort and support for a range of foot health conditions.

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